7in Glass Planter on Wood Base


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Ttd$ 499.95

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    This is the 7-inch Glass Planter on Wood Base, a charming addition to your indoor gardening collection. 

    Crafted with high-quality glass and a sturdy wood base, this planter adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its sleek design allows you to showcase your favorite plants while providing them with a stable and stylish home.

    Ideal for small succulents, cacti, herbs, or other indoor plants, this planter is perfect for bringing a touch of greenery to your desk, shelf, or windowsill. The transparent glass allows you to see the soil and roots, adding visual interest to your plant display.

    Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your indoor garden, the 7-inch Glass Planter on Wood Base is sure to enhance your living or workspace with its modern aesthetic and natural appeal.