Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Set

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    The Cuisinart® Deluxe Pizza Grilling Pack equips you with everything you need to help create perfect pizzas right at home on your grill! The set includes a 15" pizza stone, a 14" aluminum pizza peel, and a quick-cut pizza cutter. The 15" pizza stone is made from durable cordierite material and is 0.5" thick. This gives the stone a heavy-duty feel and helps promote maximum heat retention for producing a perfectly cooked crust . The 14" aluminum pizza peel is lightweight and easy to handle and makes transferring pizzas to and from your grill a breeze. The peel can also be used to turn your pizzas while they are cooking so you get a evenly cooked pie every time. The quick-cut pizza cutter measures 15" wide and will easy slice through pizzas in one quick motion for fast serving. The Cuisinart® Deluxe Pizza Grilling Pack will help you transform your ordinary gas grill into a pizza making machine!