Cuisinart Stir-Fry w/ Helper Handle & Glass Cover 14in

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Ttd$ 799.95

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    High-heat stir-frying requires minimal oil and sears foods to seal in flavor, texture and nutrients. The 14" Stir-Fry Pan with Helper Handle & Glass Cover is induction ready and designed to bring out the beautiful fresh flavors of a stirfry every time.

    Product details:

    • Induction-ready
    • Mirror finish. Classic looks, professional performance
    • Aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly. Eliminates hot spots
    • Flavor Lock Lid: Tightfitting cover seals in moisture and nutrients for healthier, more flavorful results, every time you cook
    • Stainless steel cooking surface does not discolor, react with food or alter flavors
    • Measurement markings for ease of use
    • Drip-Free Pouring
    • Dishwasher Safe